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Office 365 Overview

Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of cloud-based business and productivity tools for small, medium and enterprise businesses. Microsoft Office 365 combines the familiar Microsoft Office Desktop suite into a cloud-based communication and collaboration service.

Microsoft Office 365 enables you to have all your documents and emails available to you anywhere in the world. It works and syncs between your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone to help users to be productive from virtually anywhere via the internet.

With four basic pricing modules designed to suit your business needs, Microsoft Office 365 enables you to afford Microsoft’s top communication and sharing platform. Microsoft also guarantee your data security and a 99.9% datacentre uptime.



Why use Dibene Technology Solutions?


DIBENE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS (PTY) LTD – the answer to your company’s IT needs. Dibene Technology Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a services company that focuses on the IT needs of small to medium size businesses, clubs, guest houses and more.

Why use Dibene Technology Solutions to help you move into the cloud?

To set up Office 365 for a company can be a relatively simple task, but there are several reasons why Microsoft recommends that customers rather obtain the professional assistance of a registered Microsoft Partner like Dibene Technology Solutions.

A registered Microsoft Partner can :

  • Help with designing the solution for your company’s specific needs. This is important for small to medium sized companies where certain services that can’t be moved to the cloud may still be needed onsite.
  • Understanding your business’ current IT requirements and support to selecting the right licensing plan.
  • Migrating the existing user data to the Office 365 environment in a way that ensures no loss of user productivity in the process.
  • We can help with optimising file sharing with SharePoint Online.
  • We have been evaluating and, testing the deployment of Office 365 since the trial was launched in South Africa.
  • We can assist you with setting up and configuring Office 365 anywhere in the world via remote support software.


Dibene Technology Solutions can offer:

  • The technical expertise for the solution
  • Month-to-month management of the solution
  • 24/7 Internet Access to the residents/clients
  • Professional installation
  • Network security (Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, etc)
  • Providing of hardware and software
  • Any other computer and network infrastructure needs



No IT challenge is too big or too small!